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List of All Books By Kiran Bedi | All Books Written by Kiran Bedi | Kiran Bedi Books Free PDF Online


List of All Books By Kiran Bedi

Kiran Bedi's books are extremely popular and the major reason behind it is the social relevance and the simplicity of the language. You will also be able to get several sites that offer Kiran Bedi book free pdf versions. The availability of Kiran Bedi's books in English as well as Hindi is a major reason why there is a mass following for her as a writer. If you are someone who loves reading on topics of political relevance and stature, then you can choose any of the books. We will talk about some which are exceptionally popular. 


Kiran Bedi- India's First Lady IPS Officer

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List of Books Written By Kiran Bedi

There are tons of books written by Kiran Bedi and the best part is that you get them easily available. Some of the Kiran Bedi new books as well as old ones that you can read are:

  1. I Dare: Kiran Bedi: A Biography

I Dare book by Kiran Bedi is an insight into her life and how she made a name for herself. Kiran Bedi is surely one of the most prominent figures in society and has a profound impact with the kind of services that she has put forth. I Dare Kiran Bedi's book is one of the best sellers and you will be able to find this one in online stores as well. 

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List of All Books Written by Kiran Bedi

  1. Demanding More: Why Courage Is Important?

Among the list of books written by Kiran Bedi, this one is also quite popular and talks about the importance of courage and determination in everyone's life. If these two virtues are present, every individual will be able to achieve both personal as well as professional goals. Kiran Bedi has openly spoken about the lessons that she has acquired over the years and it serves as an inspiration for sure. 

  1. Leadership and Governance: Lessons from India

There are quite a few options when it comes to Kiran Bedi books in English and surely Leadership and Governance: Lessons from India is quite a good option. This book helps you to have an insight into how the government of India works and what are the areas that need more focus. She discusses leadership in the context of India and how there are different styles for effective governance. Such is the relevance that you will find mentions of the same in the top 10 Kiran Bedi ki books. 

  1. Dare To Do! For the New Generation

The youth of any country is the one who will ascertain what the future will look like. This is what Kiran Bedi also focuses on in this book. The idea behind this book is to instil a sense of social responsibility in the young minds and guide them towards a more prosperous future. Kiran Bedi encourages the youth to strive for excellence and make a positive impact on society. As an impactful person, Kiran Bedi has strived hard to take up new initiatives and surely she has done a remarkable job. 

  1. What Went Wrong with Sharad Pawar

Well, who does not know about Sharad Pawar right? He does have a lot of contributions currently in Indian politics as well. This book offers an insight into the political significance that Sharad Pawar has and is a critical analysis of him. Not only does the book offer an insight into Sharad Pawar but at the same time also focuses on how the political road map changed India. This is an exceptionally impactful book and delves into each and every that this man took. The book has garnered both positive as well as negative comments because of the critical analysis put forth by Kiran Bedi. 

  1. Broom and Groom

There are very few leaders who have spoken about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in India. However, Kiran Bedi is surely one of them who has made an impact with her countless books and lectures on this topic. This book is one of the most notable ones among her work and harps on why cleanliness is so important at the moment. She emphasized how hygiene can completely change the looks of any society and empower citizens for the well-being of society. The book is written in simple English and it does have a very strong message. 

  1. Kiran Bedi : Making a Top Cop

Among the books written by Kiran Bedi, this one is indeed quite popular. The name Kiran Bedi came to the surface because of how accomplished she is as a cop. This book is like some of the Kiran Bedi autobiography books in Hindi and talks about her journey to establish herself as a cop. It offers a detailed insight into her life starting from her training period, challenges, accomplishments as well as her entry into the police force. She also talks about the struggles she had to face as a woman and how it was never a shortcoming for her. 

  1. It's Always Possible: One Woman's Transformation of Tihar Prison

Finally, the one book that we have to talk about is Kiran Bedi's book on Tihar Jail. This is a remarkable work and it focuses on how she worked as the Inspector General of Tihar Prison and made a name for herself. Tihar Jail is surely one of the most notorious prisons in the world and yet she did not go back from her duties at all. The book is a testimony of how Kiran Bedi's vision as a leader allowed her to formulate innovative approaches to managing the prison. It also talks about her efforts to reform and humanize the Tihar Jail. The book is a journey of not only Kiran Bedi and her innovative approach but also her commitment to her principles of reforming and rehabilitating each individual.

Kiran Bedi's books in Tamil are also exceptionally popular and the best thing is that she has made them available to the masses. Most of these books do have transformative power and surely account for one of the most compelling reads of your life. 

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