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What's Inside the Book Written on Mamata Banerjee by Dipak Ghosh?


What's Inside the Book Written on Mamata Banerjee by Dipak Ghosh?    

Mamta Banerjee is a notable figure as she is the chief minister of West Bengal. People have appreciated her over the years for the changes she brought to the state and her other contributions. There have been many articles and debates conducted about her over the years. And books written on her are not left behind either. 


Many books have been written about Mamta Banerjee depicting her life struggles, movements, career, etc. One such was Deepak Ghosh's book on Mamata Banerjee called "Mamata Banerjee as I have known her" which gained immense recognition by the audiences. 

However, What is in the book? What is it all about? How controversial is it? remains the constant question. To find out everything about Dipak Ghosh's book on Mamata, keep reading until the end.

Who is Mamata Banerjee? 

Mamata Banerjee is the eighth and current chief minister of the Indian state of West Bengal since the year of 2011. Being a politician from India, she is the first woman to hold the position. As a former minister in the Union Cabinet, she was elected for the first time to the position of Chief Minister of West Bengal. 

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After leaving the Indian National Congress in 1998, she established the All India Trinamool Congress and rose to the position of second chairman. In West Bengal, she is referred to as " Didi" which means "Elder Sister". Being a popular figure in West Bengal, she always stays in the headlines. Besides other writers, Deepak Ghosh's book on Mamata Banerjee is also present which people have liked.

About Dipak Ghosh - Writer of the Book

Before you decide to read Deepak Ghosh's book on Mamata Banerjee in Bengali, you may be wondering to get a brief introduction about the writer. Well, know that Dipak Ghosh is not only a former professor of the University of Calcutta but also originally belonged to the Trinamool Congress Party. This political party is currently actively ruling the state of West Bengal. 

Because he claims to stand by his principles, the author documents the events through his writings. His focus remains on revealing the true identity of numerous politicians who are currently free to operate as they like. The incidents detailed in this Deepak Ghosh book on Mamata are somehow justified by the legal records and official letters provided by the author.

What is in the Book by Dipak Ghosh About Mamata Banerjee?

Mamata Banerjee book by Dipak Ghosh is called "Mamata Banerjee as I have known her".  Dipak Ghosh is a former professor at the University of Calcutta. He started the book with the controversy claiming "Mamata Banerjee: Witch Hunt or Black Magic?". In the book on Mamata Banerjee by Dipak Ghosh he discusses his personal experiences and observations of Mamata Banerjee. 

The audiences have remarked the book to be highly contentious as many people have contested its claims. The current Chief Minister of West Bengal is said to be subjected to several accusations and assertions in the book. As you read this autobiography of Mamata Banerjee, Dipak has charged the chief minister for participating in unethical behavior, tampering with elections, and having ties to criminal organizations. 

Also, he talks about how she became influential in the state's political system as well as her challenges as a woman working in a male-dominated industry. In the book, he claims to employ witchcraft and black magic as it helps her to advance her political career and hold onto her position. Not only the book has drawn a lot of criticism for making slanderous charges but also for lacking reliable evidence to back those claims up. Many of the audiences have even claimed that the Dipak Ghosh book on Mamata Banerjee in Bengali has been published with political objectives in mind.

What are the Views of this Book for the Audience?

After reading the books on Mamata Banerjee by Dipak Ghosh, there is a crucial approach to this book's contents with caution. The audiences have been made aware of the debate surrounding its claims. Before drawing any judgments about Mamata Banerjee or any other public figure, it is advisable to look into the sources as well as the point of view. 

Apart from this, it is very important to remember that the book has generated controversy and criticism with some questioning Ghosh's motivation and assertion as you go through the book written by Dipak Ghosh Mamata. Moreover, as a result of his writings, he has also been charged with making false or exaggerated assertions it by others.

What are the Reviews About the Book By the Audiences? 

As the book written by Dipak Ghosh on Mamata was published, it attracted a lot of interest from the people, especially those involved with politics. Audiences who have a keen interest in this field also did not leave any chance to go through it. As per the ones who have finished reading it, they have mentioned in their reviews that the book is excellent. 

Readers have spoken about how the author has masterfully written amazing things and facts that were never known. Simply put, the book is quite eye-opening and revealing that one cannot even imagine after looking at the political figures that they may have adored over the years.

Is It Worth It to Read the Book by Dipak Ghosh? 

Yes, indeed. This book written by Dipak Ghosh on Mamata is totally worth it if you are a fan of getting a deeper perspective on the political world. Through this book, you may get a chance to see the true color of the world and how things work. Even if you are not a fan of the political world but an avid reader, then know that this book will definitely keep you interested throughout. 

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